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Harry Welty 
  Minnesota State House, Dist. 7A, 2002

Six years on the Duluth School Board has confirmed what Harry's always believed since his first campaign for public office in 1976. Politics, in a democracy, is a confounding job. Good people are elected with different philosophies and experiences but have to cooperate to represent their constituents who have unending and sometimes impossible demands. Judging by America's success the voters usually make pretty sound decisions even if they don't always get their way.

When Harry moved to Duluth in 1974 the City had six legislators in St. Paul. After this year Duluth will have three legislators. More than ever Duluth needs an effective spokesman to represent its interests. Harry will be such a spokesman.

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Who will speak for Duluth? This flyer is Harry's last appeal for support before the General election.

On the poison of partisanship my statement for WDSE Public Television 10-23-2002

Budget Bull the real truth about dealing with the State's budget deficit.

Take a look at one of my ads in the News Trib, three days before the election.

The election took an unexpected turn when Senator Paul Wellstone was killed just before the election.

Did Harry win? Well, no. Will he run again? That's hard to predict but this page is going to stick around on the internet.

Welty may have a future among those too young to vote this year. This is the result of the Kid's Vote in Duluth.  It was close.

State Representative District 7a  Total Votes: 976

Tom Huntley

Harry Welty


A prediction for my political future in 2003



The latest on the Primary Election - 9-11-2002

I didn't think candidates had to go to bed wondering if they'd won or lost an election any more. Evidently they still do. I went to bed at 1:30AM and the only results I'd heard were the ones that said I was behind Al Johnson 68 to 2. Here's what really happened.





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