About The Candidate

Welty has served twelve years on the Duluth School Board through thirty years of educational upheaval always intent on our littlest customers – Duluth’s children. A supporter of Minnesota’s earliest charter schools, an opponent of forcing the Red Plan without a referendum and an advocate for excess levy referendums to end bankruptcy and hire elementary specialists in the 90’s; and, to maintain a seven-hour day and reduce Red Plan overcrowding in our classrooms in the 2000’s.

Harry knows our Schools, knows Duluth and understands Education.


Harry's writing a Book

Harry may be best known for thirty years of playful snow sculptures but he’s also a thoughtful writer for the Duluth Reader having contributed over 183 columns and 150,000 words for the public’s entertainment and enlightenment. Now he’s writing a book about his experiences in America’s public schools from watching his Topeka, Kansas, elementary school being integrated to his nationally reported voodoo resignation as Chair of the School Board. There will be much more. First edition copies will be sent to everyone donating $15 or more to his campaign. Push the campaign donation button and prepare to be amazed. Some of those stories are outlined in Harry's History.

(The book is currently in progress. There is no guarantee for a final publishing date but Harry hopes to have it completed in the last month of his campaign which ends on election day, November 5th)

246 Homeless Children

My long quest for public office probably began in my first week of second grade in Topeka, Kansas’s newly integrated schools. Sent to the playground I climbed to the top of the jungle gym where I saw the black children from the segregated Buchanan Elementary School led into my school Loman Hill.

Yesterday I was the last of 25 candidates for local office in Duluth to give a speech to the 710 Club. This, is what said in my 3 allotted minutes

I posted this speech on my blog the same night I gave it. It reflects my fear that a war has been declared on public education in America at the very time that the rest of the world discovered how good America had it because of our universal public schools. We may have the biggest GNP for another decade but we won’t keep it without educated workers, voters and citizens.

At about the same time that I began my long stalled political career I began to experiment with writing. Today these two vocations are wedded together from the seed planted in me back in second grade surveying the world from that jungle gym. I have stories to tell.

Let it Snow!

Every winter, at least when the conditions are right, Harry Welty turns his front yard into a sculpture garden of sorts, making huge snow sculptures.

Here are a few examples of his work. More sculptures can be found here.

Not Ms. Congeniality

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Winter 2016-2017

Yellow Submarine

Winter 2001-2002

Charles Schultz

Winter 1999-2000

Easter Bunny

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Phil on the Loose

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Farewell to the GOP

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